Welcome to the Cats Paw Island WikiEdit

This Wiki is about a PG-13 site, which has friendly Chatters and amazing rooms, and awesome pose sets, and friendly admins.

It is called Cats Paw Island- Chatlands.


This is a wiki anyone can update about CatsPawIsland. ENJOY!

Site descriptionEdit

 This site is very popular. Not only are the Admins friendly, but there are Clans too! But, never walk into a Clan Room if they are 'Not Accepting'. You can get yourself into trouble!
Sometimes people will have italic text. So, not to confuse you, we have some ways!

text       text     text       (Sniff only >>)       text     text

 If you want to keep safe, read the rules before joining. And fi someone says, 'No text talk please,' that means use grammar. For example, text talk can be:' r u there'

or, 'idk-idc'.

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This is someone using italics, and being kind to others, and normal.

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